From the recording Lullabies in Motion

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Composer: Edward Elgar
Arranger: Shaun Drew
Producer: Katherine Liner & Shaun Drew
© Dolce Classics, all rights reserved


"Come Gentle Night"
Edward Elgar

Come, gentle night!
Upon our eye-lids lay thy fingers light;
For we are tired, and fain aside would lay
The cares and burdens that surround the
Come, peaceful night!
Thy courier-stars already glitter bright;
Thy courier-stars already glitter bright;
And we who labour, both unblest and
Are weary weary of our work, and long
for rest.

Come, holy night!
Long is the day and ceaseless is the fight;
Around us bid thy quiet shadows creep,
And rock us in thy sombre arms to sleep!
Come, holy night!
Come, holy night!