Equally as soothing and mesmerizing as the lullabies themselves, are the dreamy animated videos that are inspired by French Impressionist paintings. This first video installment is of Claude Debussy's gorgeously haunting, and lesser known composition, "Beau Soir".
The second video is of the time-honored classic, “Lullaby,” which Johannes Brahms was rumored to have written for Clara Schumann who was married to Brahms’ good friend, composer, Robert Schumann. 
With more video productions currently underway, each will pay special tribute to a unique aspect of the song's composer. 

Katherine Liner set out to make a lullaby album to be enjoyed by not only children, but adults as well. In my opinion, she accomplished even more than that. The album is soothing, complex, innovative and ultimately very satisfying. The arrangements are unique, challenging and pleasant. Katherine's voice is angelic, and her phrasing is rich with the meaning of the words.”

— Alex Wurman, Emmy winner, composer of March of the Penguins, Anchorman, The Newsroom, Patriot