Lullabies are not just for babies anymore. In this ever-changing and stressful world, the desire to escape, unwind and relax has never been greater. We know that classical music has been shown to benefit childhood development and performance; now a new album, Lullabies in Motion, appeals to the adult ear as well, soothing sensory-overloaded souls of all ages.  

Lullabies in Motion celebrates some of classical music's rarest and most beautiful compositions. Unlike the repetitive songs and simplistic sound of standard lullaby records, Lullabies in Motion fills a void in the lullaby market, offering fresh musical arrangements and ethereal vocals that cater to a broad audience of new parents, children, restless sleepers, audiophiles, and classical music enthusiasts.  

Unexpected, timeless and elegant, Lullabies in Motion features masterful works by music royalty including Sergei Rachmaninoff, Claude Debussy, and Stephen Foster (all public domain). The magical vocals of Katherine Liner bring a new perspective to these historic lullabies, which are sung in their original languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Russian). Legendary record producer Lou Adler (Carole King, Sam Cooke) once said that Liner possesses "a voice that makes you want to listen".  

Liner has the pedigree and pure angelic voice to illuminate these time-honored classics. the daughter of a classical singer, and granddaughter of an accomplished concert pianist, Liner held her first job at the age of 11, singing alongside Placido Domingo at The Lyric Opera of Chicago. Today, Liner is a go-to vocalist/songwriter/producer for feature films, television, video games, and major record/publishing companies such as IMAX, Lionsgate, Amazon, Netflix, Warner-Chappell, Sony/ATV and more.   

Liner co-produced Lullabies in Motion with highly respected arranger and LA Film/TV composer Shaun Drew, most known for his work for Warner Brothers Animation and DC Entertainment.  

There has never been a more relevant and essential time for Lullabies in Motion, a modern and relatable antidote to our everyday concerns. These gorgeous compositions are likely to find their way into many listeners' hearts...and onto their playlists.

Katherine Liner's voice is just gorgeous on these lullabies. It's rich and emotional, but still very intimate. The arrangements are really fresh and the sound of the tracks is wonderful. Bravo!”

— Chris Lennertz, Grammy/BMI winner, Emmy nominee, composer of The Boys, Lost in Space, Supernatural